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ClixGrid ~ Is it worth playing?

Viewing ads in the ClixGrid game is worth it for 2 reasons:

1.  Every day you have a chance of winning up to $5.00.

$0.25 Won


$0.10 Won



2.  You see what other members are promoting.  Plus it’s a GREAT promotion resource for your blog or website. Advertising in the ClixGrid costs $15.00 for 1 month with unlimited exposures. I have had much success advertising in the ClixGrid.

Averaging 12,000+ total views!

  • Minimum 5 seconds exposure time after the site fully loads
  • Great way to increase traffic to your site at very low cost
  • Guaranteed daily unique visits

More prizes won:

$0.25 Won













Took a little time to win again, but here it is: :)

Another win :)

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