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ClixSense ~ Offers ~ New Task

ClixSense has done it again! Now we have another great feature
to earn more money on a daily basis and it’s all for FREE.

Completing OFFERS

There are over 30 offers available as I am writing this and they
range from completing surveys, joining free programs, downloads,
to receiving cash-back for purchases.

My Completed Offers:  total 7   earned $4.71

Not a bad return for a few minutes of my time.

ClixSense is the best program online where everyone can earn!

ClixSense ~ Daily Tasks ~ A new way to earn more ~ Update


Completing daily tasks at ClixSense has proven to be a steady, daily earner!

It is important to take your time when first starting to complete tasks. Every task has an accuracy rating. If the accuracy rating falls below a certain value you will be prohibited from completing more tasks for that specific offer.

You will also receive notification to complete evaluation tests for higher paying tasks (anywhere from $0.28 to $0.52 per task). When completing any of the evaluation tests it is to your benefit to search on Google to help you with the answers. A little extra work during the evaluation questions will allow you to earn with higher paying tasks later on.

New tasks are added throughout the day and have a set number of how many can be completed.  There is no limit to how many different tasks you want to
complete daily! ClixSense, simply the best paid-to-click program online!

ClixSense ~ Daily Tasks ~ A new way to earn more!

Jim has done it again! Owning one of the best paid-to-click sites online, he has added an additional feature where members earn between $0.03 to $0.28 for completing simple tasks. :)

The tasks range from a simple word association project to more complex google or bing search projects. The search projects, I find a big confusing, as all provided answers are correct and one is really left just to guess. But over-all it is a great feature with lots of earnings!  I earned a few dollars in a very short time.

For right now, there are no downline member earnings associated with completing tasks.

Log in to your account, in the top right hand corner you will see “Task”, simply click on it and pick a project from the available daily tasks. :)

ClixGrid ~ Is it worth playing?

Viewing ads in the ClixGrid game is worth it for 2 reasons:

1.  Every day you have a chance of winning up to $5.00.

$0.25 Won


$0.10 Won



2.  You see what other members are promoting.  Plus it’s a GREAT promotion resource for your blog or website. Advertising in the ClixGrid costs $15.00 for 1 month with unlimited exposures. I have had much success advertising in the ClixGrid.

Averaging 12,000+ total views!

  • Minimum 5 seconds exposure time after the site fully loads
  • Great way to increase traffic to your site at very low cost
  • Guaranteed daily unique visits

More prizes won:

$0.25 Won













Took a little time to win again, but here it is: :)

Another win :)

ClixSense ~ New Upline / Sponsor Changes

As of today, December 23rd, 2011 one can no longer request to have their upline/sponsor changed.

This was changed due to the fact that people would promise upgrades and not pay for them and promoting members complaining that their downline shrunk.

Only your direct sponsor may request to have you moved to someone in his/her own direct downline. For example, if you joined under me, I can request to have you moved under one of my 3rd level referrals.

So, before you join, make sure you know your upline and that he/she will help you promote!

Free ClixSense Referral Builder

1. Join ClixSense from this link or banner below:

2. Send an email with your referral link to ctec67 @ gmail . com and let me know that you joined from my EDNP blog.

I will add your referral link to my ClixSense Promotion Page roator until you have at least three (3) or more 1st level direct referrals.

I cannot promise you any time frame of when you will receive your three referrals, but I certainly will do my best to complete my promise as soon as possible.

Thank You!

Carola aka ctec67

How does the Toolbar work?

ClixSense also has it’s own ToolBar, it’s a simple 3 click installation and will notify you through out the day when new ads are available for viewing.
Simple The Best!

Instant Ad Notifications
Check your Running Balance
Instant Messages and Tips
Check your Email
Access Facebook and Twitter
Listen to Radio
Play Games and more!

Once you installed the ToolBar you can make adjustments in the ToolBar Options Setting. It makes a big difference in daily earnings being notified as soon as new ads are available, so don’t forget to install the ToolBar as soon as you can.


Another relatively new feature at ClixSense is the ClixGrid.

Play The ClixGrid: Click to Win up to $5.00!

ClixGrid is easy to play. Just click anywhere on the picture and win up to $5 that goes directly into your account balance! Each click will open up a sponsor’s site that you will have to view for up to 10 seconds. After this time has passed you will know if you are a winner or not.

The Only PTC Worth Your Time & Effort!

Make ClixSense YOUR Focus and start earning BIG!

I highly recommend their upgrade option for only $14.95 a year!


Premium Membership Upgrades
This is where the true power of the ClixSense affiliate program comes into play. With 8 levels there’s no limit on how much you can earn, although you will’ve to upgrade yourself to take full advantage of this because Standard members earn only from their direct referrals. Whenever your direct referrals upgrade, you’re instantly paid $2.00! If you are a Premium member and if your referrals refer others who also upgrade you are instantly paid $1.00 for each upgrade through 8 levels! You just got paid for doing nothing!



Proof Of Payment:
ClixSense Pays!

ClixSense ~ General Information

734 W. Liberty St
Rome, NY 13440

In business since 2007.

We’ve paid our 1,763,643 members $1,776,595.93!
We’ve delivered over 291,020,955 views to our advertisers’ websites!

offers one of the most lucrative affiliate programs in the PTC industry.
Not only are you compensated for referring others you also get commissions whenever your direct referrals click on PTC Ads, purchase advertising or whenever they or their referrals upgrade to Premium through 8 levels! With multiple streams of income your earnings potential is unlimited.


Ads range from $0.001 to $5.00
Most ads are worth $0.01

Cashout Options and Conditions
Method Minimum Cashout Fee When
Premium Standard
PayPal $8.00 $10.00 2% + $0.25 up to $1.25 Weekly on Mondays
AlertPay $8.00 $10.00 2.5% + $0.25 up to $4.25 Weekly on Mondays
Liberty Reserve $8.00 $10.00 $0.25 Weekly on Mondays

United States, Canada, Mexico
$10.00 $1.50 Monthly on First Monday
Check (International)

Rest of the World
$100.00 $2.00 Monthly on First Monday
* PayPal and AlertPay will not charge you more fees for receiving our payments. We pay their fees.
* Your bank may charge you fees to deposit our Checks. Please consult with your bank.

Once you reached the minimum payout amount, go to My Account – Account Summary and click on the Request Cash-Out link and your payment will be processed the following Monday.